Yearning for straighter teeth? Try Invisalign in Hatch End!

There are so many reasons why we put things off. We’re too busy; we’re anxious about trying something new; we will try tomorrow like the super procrastinators that we have become. Sound familiar? You don’t have to be a psychologist to know that when something is worrying you, it can be easy to try and avoid thinking about it. Having misaligned teeth can be difficult to avoid however, when family or friends constantly want to take photos of you on their phones, or when you look in your mirror, even though you’re peeping through your fingers! Not smiling for life is probably not the best plan, so why not bring out your A-game?


At Harrow Weald Dental Practice, Invisalign in Hatch End is available for anyone with their adult teeth, who has moderate misalignment issues. It comprises clear plastic aligners which are custom made to fit your teeth and gently apply pressure to them to gradually move them into the correct position. They are discreet and many people won’t notice you’re wearing anything at all. Even better, you can remove the aligners when you are eating and drinking, so there’s no need to worry about cleaning off masticated food from them! What’s more, it is easier to keep your teeth and gums clean as you can also remove the aligners when you are brushing and flossing.

Sounds good, right? Read on to find out more about Invisalign in Hatch End.

A consultation with a difference

At Harrow Weald Dental Practice, we are proud to be multi-award winners for our service and patient care. When you book in for a consultation about Invisalign, you can be sure that you are in expert hands. We will take photos of your teeth and check that you are eligible for treatment. If you aren’t, don’t worry! We have other options available that are discreet too that may be more suitable for you. If you are eligible, we will take X-rays of your mouth and we will be able to show you a 3D animation of how your teeth will look after treatment! This advanced technology will also be how we can get your aligners made bespoke to fit your mouth.

Types of alignment issues that can be helped with Invisalign

There are a number of issues that can be helped using Invisalign as an alternative to braces. If you have a crossbite, crowding, deep bite, gapped teeth, open bite or underbite, Invisalign is an effective way of treating these issues. Harrow Weald Dental Practice has treated over 15,000 patients in the 15 years we’ve been established, and we are proud that this is one of the treatments that can really make a huge difference to your life. It shouldn’t be underestimated how having a better smile can increase your confidence and improve your wellbeing – and we think you deserve to feel confident and happy; why shouldn’t you?

If you would like to know more about Invisalign, book in for a consultation and see how we can help. Procrastination has had its day; it’s time to put yourself first.