Straight teeth for the whole family with Invisalign in Hatch End

At Harrow Weald Dental Practice, we know how important the oral health of each member of your family is to you, whether it’s bringing the children in for regular checkups or treating yourself and your partner to a much-needed hygiene visit, we understand that the health of your family always comes first. This is why Invisalign in Hatch End is a wonderful idea for each member of your family because having straight teeth is the path to healthier teeth and with a system available for pre-teens to adults with affordable payment plans, you can ensure perfect orthodontic care for each member of your household.


Invisalign for Pre-teens

By having your children come to see us on a regular basis from a young age, we will be able to keep an eye on the growth of their teeth and through the use of documented checkups, exams and X-rays we will be able to catch any problems with their bite or the formation of their teeth early, in order to address it before they reach adulthood. Once a child has lost all their milk teeth and their adult teeth have all arrived, they will be ready for an orthodontic appliance like a clear aligner that will encourage the proper alignment of their permanent teeth as well as address any malocclusions that could be forming. People often worry that their child may be teased for looking a little different but with Invisalign in Hatch End, this is not something you need worry about, as the clear aligners are completely invisible when worn. All you need to concern yourself with is making sure your child doesn’t lose their appliance and that they wear it for the prescribed 22 hours a day.

Invisalign for adolescents

While you need worry less about your teens losing their orthodontics or not wearing them it is still good to keep in mind that adolescence is a great time to employ orthodontic care as the jawbone and teeth have not quite settled and are still growing. In fact, your teen may well need to have their wisdom teeth removed before getting clear aligners as the growth of wisdom teeth can change the position of the other teeth too.

Invisalign for adults

We know that you or your partner may have missed the boat in your teens when it comes to getting your teeth straightened but you need not be concerned, Invisalign in Hatch End can straighten adult teeth and even fix malocclusions easily and discreetly, allowing you and your partner to go about your regular lives without the concern of people in the professional environment noticing that clear aligners are being worn.

The whole family can benefit from this course of treatment, having a straight beautiful smile is a massive confidence builder, not to mention it looks great on the yearly family photographs. Having straight teeth can be beneficial in social and professional environments due to the psychological effect it has on others, first impressions are always better when someone has a lovely smile and your family will thank you for giving them that benefit.