Need a few more reasons to say yes to Invisalign? A guide to the benefits by Harrow Weald Dental

When you want to have straighter teeth as an adult, it can feel as though the only option involves a traditional, metal aligner, which is rarely a desirable look for anyone. Luckily for many adult dental patients, there is a solution to correcting misaligned teeth without enduring the unwanted effects of an orthodontic brace.


Thanks to advances in orthodontic techniques, many adult patients can undertake a clear or invisible brace, which will straighten their smiles while also being discreet, without creating financial pressure. Perfect!

When you come to Harrow Weald Dental Practice to have your teeth realigned, our team may suggest Invisalign in Hatch End. A well-known aligner due to its ease of use and discretion, this invisible brace is the perfect match of efficient and modern.

But are there any other advantages to straightening your smile with Invisalign in Hatch End? Read on to find out!

Better oral hygiene

If you had a friend at school who wore traditional, orthodontic braces, you probably remember that they had to avoid certain foods to keep their braces clean and to avoid complications.

As they were fitted to the teeth, traditional braces often created issues surrounding oral hygiene, meaning that patients would often have to attend additional hygienist appointments to keep their teeth and gums in top shape.

When you have Invisalign in Hatch End, there is no additional cleaning required as the removable nature of this brace makes cleaning a doddle.


Helpful not only when it comes to keeping hygiene in line, wearing a removable aligner is useful when you want to take a bite of your food, when you are giving a talk at work or when you are playing sports.

As each set of braces is custom-fitted to slot over your teeth, it is no hassle removing the brace or putting it back in afterwards. Brilliant!

Accelerated results

Many people assume that when they undertake orthodontics as an adult, they will be wearing their aligner for years. While this may be the case with more severe cases of misalignment, when our team gives you the all-clear to begin treatment with an invisible brace, it will take an average of six months to complete!

And, as this invisible brace does not require tightening and only applies gentle pressure to your teeth to move them, it should not be an uncomfortable six months either!


All adults worry about money and often overlook orthodontic treatments due to worry about the price.

When you come to Harrow Weald Dental Practice for your adult orthodontics, our team may be able to offer you either 0% finance or one of our many dental plans to help you spread the cost.

Exceptional outcome

Once that last set of invisible aligners are off, you will be amazed at the final result.

With a success rate as high as regular braces, invisible or clear braces can transform your smile into one that you will feel confident about and won’t be able to stop showing off. Perfect!