Can’t see your dentist in Middlesex during the week?

We know how difficult it can be when you work all week to find the time to come into our local dental practice to visit your dentist in Middlesex. But if you are interested in experiencing a healthy and beautiful smile, oral health care and hygiene cannot wait for a day off.


This is why as your dentist in Middlesex we have ensured that weekend appointments are available, both with an experienced hygienist who can offer a brighter, whiter and cleaner smile that you can show off on that weekend night out, and with the dental professionals who can perform routine check-ups, restorative and cosmetic care as well.

This means that if you are struggling to find a time that suits you during the week for non-urgent cleaning and care, then you can book a weekend appointment to alleviate any concerns you have and to allow you to maintain a healthy smile.

Your oral health care is of utmost importance here at Harrow Weald Dental Practice and we aim to help you to achieve those oral health and hygiene goals that we have worked through together during any initial consultations we may have had together.

By getting to understand and respect your needs and desires, we are able to provide you with a greater depth of care when it comes to your oral health. We recognise that every individual has different lifestyle choices and different perceptions of health and beauty.

By finding out what it is that is important to you, we can work on providing you with the tools and support that you need, so that you can feel and look as healthy as you possibly can.

Are you taking new patients? Can I come in for a visit?

We are always welcoming new patients and our non-judgemental and compassionate dentist in Middlesex is willing and able to listen to your oral health hopes and goals and take a look at your smile to see what treatments or procedures you may need to align your goals with reality.

Email us or give us a ring to determine a good time for your initial appointment. You will need to answer a few questions so that we can establish a foundation of knowledge regarding your medical and dental history, as well as your general health, your lifestyle choices and your diet.

As the body is intimately linked, every aspect of your physical wellbeing is affected by your oral health. By understanding the bigger picture in terms of your fitness, we can make educated decisions about your oral health and take preventive steps and measures to ensure we maintain the best situation for you dentally.

Learn to love your smile again with a range of different cosmetic, preventive and restorative treatments that are designed to bring out the natural beauty in your smile. By feeling confident about how your smile looks, we believe you are more likely to share your smile with other people, which can open more doors for you and allow you to enjoy a brighter and happier life.

Unsure if you need an emergency dental appointment? Five dental issues that require urgent treatment

When you hear the word ‘emergency’, images of ambulances, A&E departments, and coffee machines probably spring to mind. If you hear the words ‘dental emergency’, images of someone holding an ice pack up their swollen cheek is a common thing to visualise. Of course, while it is normal to associate emergencies with discomfort (especially dental ones), it is not always the case that a dental emergency is going to cause discomfort. Yet, many dental patients only attend their dental surgery for emergency appointments if they are in pain.


While it can be hard to successfully identify a dental emergency, we can help. Our team at Harrow Weald Dental Practice knows all about things dental emergency-related, and can help you identify an urgent issue from home!

At Harrow Weald Dental Practice, our dentist in Middlesex is able to offer same-day appointments if you have an emergency, meaning that you can get rid of any associated discomfort and get back to your day. We will aim to treat your emergency quickly and effectively, ensuring that you are comfortable at every stage of treatment.

So, what conditions constitute a same day trip to our dentist in Middlesex? Read on to find out.


While dental swelling is often associated with discomfort due to an abscess, in some instances it can be due to another issue, such as an impacted tooth. If you notice any swelling in your jaw, face, or upper neck, come and see our dentist in Middlesex for prompt treatment.


If you play sports or have had a recent facial trauma that has caused a consistent bleed (lasting more than an hour), you need urgent dental treatment. Our team will aim to identify the issue causing the bleed and may recommend stitches or closure with surgical glue. If you have recently had a tooth removed and you notice a persistent bleed, call our team for an appointment.

Lost filling or crown

A nuisance and an often overlooked dental emergency, losing a crown or filling does require a same-day appointment. Not only will a same-day appointment stop any potential discomfort from arising, but our team will clean the tooth to ensure that the pulp or exposed area is free from bacteria. Bacteria in the pulp of a tooth can cause abscesses, which is something that we are sure you will want to avoid!

Cracks and chips

Again, if you play sports, chips, and cracks to the teeth are more common. As soon as you notice a crack or chip, call our team for an appointment. Similar to a lost filling, cracks and chips can act as access points for bacteria to get into the pulp of the tooth even if you have no pain, so it is best to get them filled quickly.

Lumps and bumps

The sudden appearance of a lump in your mouth is another reason to visit our emergency team.

Even if you do not smoke, our team will assess the growth for signs of oral cancer, though oral bumps are often benign.